Luxurious fitted furniture in your home

As experts in the craft of fitted furniture we know what it takes to make a room a great usable space adding storage and style in each measure.

Bedroom Furniture

Truly bespoke wardrobes that fit the contours of your room.

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Office Furniture

Taking the ambiance of luxurious bespoke furniture to the work spaces in your home.

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Lounge Furniture

Bespoke furniture that creates stylish and functional additions to your living space.

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Who are we?

We are 'Classique' as taken from the french noun meaning timeless work of art because in the founding of our company we've taken great influence from classical Parisian principles.

"It has been a real pleasure working with you all from start to finish. Your designing, attention to detail and professionalism have made the whole process a joy."

-D.Sear 2018



Great design will bring together the character and elegance of a space with practical luxury. Parisians and we believe each room has its own interesting story and its specific charm needs to be respected.


If a space is well thought-out in terms of use, from the furniture to the aesthetics it should all have a function.


Trends may come and go — in design or fashion but the fundamentals of luxurious living are deeply rooted in the exclusivity and allure of what is truly bespoke.

These principles are built on our strong family values and these permeate through the company.