Small Rooms "Box Rooms"

Putting furniture in a small room can make the room feel cramped and dark, thats why each small bedroom we fit is carefully planned to maximise light and a sense of space, without compromising on storage.

We would always recommend light coloured furniture, shades of white are currently on trend; to be fair i dont think it hasnt. Porcelain White and White Grey work well with complimenting decors . Woodgrains tend to be quite dark, however in our range we have some authentic / rustic textured woodgrains which are very light in colour that can complement a smaller space.

"Classique Bedrooms is constantly evolving be it from the way we manufacture our products to our designs, colours and decors"

Fitted Furniture


Just because it's a small room doesnt mean it cannot be used like any other room in your house. Having fitted furniture can ultilise every available space to create a comfortable place for living while giving lots of storage space. Bespoke furniture is not off the shelf, every piece of furniture we install is custom made for that particular environment. In the Design above we have ultilised the space under the bed for extra deep cupboards. Also we were able to fit a double wardrobe with internal shelving storage and hanging space. Other options included a dressing table on the opposite wall providing plenty of storage within drawers.