Space, The Premium That Everyone Wants More Of:

We all, no matter the size of our house, have that sense of needing more space, mainly to store all of the bits and pieces we have collected over the years.

Here at Classique Bedrooms we can help, we have in our armory an array of intelligent space saving furniture, that is created to fit your bespoke requirements fully.

Valuable storing space is something for everyone, from single dwellers to large families to downsizing couples. Making every inch of your space becomes incredibly important, our furniture is designed with this in mind. No matter how awkward the space we can design, manufacture and install something perfectly tailored to your needs, making sure it fits within your room design but also being multi functional and seamless at the same time.

Our space saving storage solutions can be the ideal solution for growing families, whether you have mountains of clothes and shoes or towers of toys and books with no where to go, Classique Bedrooms can be the answer to your problems. Our fitted bedroom furniture can make the most of every nook and cranny of your room, no matter how awkward, our sliding door design can give the feeling of space in smaller rooms whilst also creating nice clean lines.

We can also help you make the most of your wall space with shelving, bridging cupboards and bookcases. Whether you want to hide away or proudly display your ornaments we have the solution for you that suits your taste, style, decor and colour scheme.

If you are in need of that extra storage space which can be versatile yet stylish, then look no further, Classique Bedrooms can design, create and install your beautiful furniture.