The Advantages Of Fitted Furniture:

Fitted furniture is the perfect way to maximise storage solutions in any space no matter how awkward. With Fitted furniture each and every panel has been cut and carefully crafted to fit into your room. Although freestanding furniture can be made to any size, there will always be a limitation to the "fit". For example, a freestanding bedside cabinet will be sat on top of your carpet and will therefore have a gap behind the cabinet, which can be helpful sometimes. Whereas a fitted bedside cabinet will be fitted on top of floor boards and will be scribed in to perfectly fit the contours of your room hence giving you a perfectly level and gap free cabinet.

Lots of Customisable options available.

Fitted furniture allows you to create a piece of furniture that no one else has. Nothing at Classique bedrooms is off the shelf we create exactly what our customers require and our wide range of colours, finishes and decors allows us to be confident that we have everything you will need to produce that piece of furniture you envisaged. Free-standing furniture is off the peg it is in standard colours and sometimes matching those colours with existing furniture can be difficult. Not so at Classique bedrooms.

Creates a much more organised space.

Whether you are refurbishing your bedroom, home office or living space fitted furniture can offer a highly efficient form of storage. Not only is our furniture tailored to your bespoke measurements making use of every nook and cranny, the purpose and use of the furniture can be custom made to fit your requirements also. Free-standing furniture does offer you storage but no where near as much as fitted.

Fitted furniture can really transform the look of your home providing made to measure, beautifully designed furniture unique to you your home and specifications. It can also make your home look tidier, less cluttered and seamless, removing those ugly gaps that free-standing furniture brings.

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