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Space, The Premium That Everyone Wants More Of

We all, no matter the size of our house, have that sense of needing more space, mainly to store all of the bits and pieces we have collected over the years. Here at Classique Bedrooms we can help, we have in our armoury an array of intelligent space saving furniture, that is created to fit your bespoke requirements fully... Read More

... Morgan Clark

The Advantages Of Fitted Furniture

Fitted furniture is the perfect way to maximise storage solutions in any space no matter how awkward. With Fitted furniture each and every panel has been cut and carefully crafted to fit into your room. Although freestanding furniture can be made to any size, there will always be a limitation to the "fit". For example, a freestanding bedside cabinet will be sat on top of your carpet and will therefore have a gap behind the cabinet, which can be helpful sometimes. Whereas a fitted bedside cabinet will be fitted on top of floor boards and will be scribed in to perfectly fit the contours of your room hence giving you a perfectly level and gap free cabinet.... Read More

... Morgan Clark