why choose Classique?

Classique is a family run fitted furniture brand. The Classique signature: bespoke design, precision in-house manufacturing and then installation with meticulous attention to detail permeates all that we do. It started with the concept to provide bespoke furniture where design, materials and dimensions were truly bespoke. From fitted furniture in bedrooms our passion and concept expanded into other rooms whilst always remaining true to our signature.

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Bespoke bedroom furniture

Bespoke fitted furniture is the perfect storage solution for bedrooms. Bespoke wardrobes and cabinetry optimise space and our truly made to measure service ensure furniture is designed and manufactured to the particular dimensions of your room. From wardrobes to chests of drawers nothing is off the shelf, everything is a truly unique creation.


Bespoke Home​ Office Furniture​

Our bespoke fitted furniture provide spaces for working and learning, be that in your Study or just spaces that provide a home office in other rooms. Our bespoke desks for desktops or portable devices have complimentary bookcases and cabinetry for storage and or filing. We create work spaces which are truly stylish, in bespoke sizes, between walls and ceilings and floors.


bespoke lounge

We apply our bespoke principles to TV/Home Cinema units, Sideboards and Coffee tables to name but a few. Our storage solutions provide ample accommodation for vintage vinyl, multi genre film collections and floating 4K TVs. Our cabinetry is designed from the floor up and can be wall mounted as well as spanning between walls.


Luxurious bespoke fitted furniture in your home.

As experts in the craft of fitted furniture we know what it takes to make a room a great usable space adding functional storage and style in equal measure.
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