Fitted and Built in Home office Furniture

Home Offices for Working, Learning and Living - Classique Bedrooms build tailored made office furniture into your home, creating a perfect environment for the whole family. Filing Cabinets, Bookcases, cupboards and drawers; we can build any type of storage solution in our workshop.

///   Fitted Desk Office Furniture
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Many Home Offices we install aren't in a dedicated room for an office, we can install office furniture into any space you wish to convert into an office, it may be in the space under the stairs or in the corner of a bedroom, wherever it may be we can build the perfect solution to your requirements.

Tobacco Aida Walnut Office
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///   Our Office Cabinet Range
Tobacco Aida Walnut Office

Bookcase Shelving

Our bookcases are manufactured from 18mm furniture board with solid bases, backs and tops. Bookcases can be pre drilled with multiple shelving configurations giving you the flexability to store hard backs, paper backs, CD's, DVD's the possibilities are endless.

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Filing Cabinets

Our filing cabinets are manufactured from 18mm furniture board and available in a range of 130 decors. Who said a filing cabinet had to be made of metal which are frankly ugly and cumbersome?

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Storage Cupboards

The most useful storage cabinet in your home office is the one where the printer, paper and office supplies can be stored in a neat and tidy place.


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