Classique Bedrooms

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Made to Measure fitted furniture

Fitted Bedroom Furniture

Fitted Bedrooms are perfect for optimising the space available in your room. All of our furniture is made to measure for the particular dimensions of your room, from a chest of drawers to sliding wardrobe doors, nothing is "off the shelf", everything is built especially for you.

Made To Measure Fitted Wardrobes

Made to Measure Fitted Wardrobes

Our fitted wardrobe's are installed from the floorboards to the ceiling, ulitising every available space. Options for door designs / routs and finishes are endless, Soft-close doors also available on our carcass fitted wardrobes.

Made To Measure Fitted Wardrobes
Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Made to Measure Fitted Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Sliding doors are perfect for rooms where space is tight and there isnt enough room to have doors opening. Our sliding doors are available in all colours from our fitted wardrobe range, with options including soft closing doors.

Made To Measure Fitted Wardrobes
Freestanding Furniture

Made to Measure Freestanding Furniture

Not all furniture has a need to be fitted, by having freestanding furniture in your room allows you the freedom to move and alter your bedroom layout as you wish. Our freestanding furniture range is available in a made to measure service giving you the freedom to create your perfect bedroom